Google Does it Again with Pac-Man

Pac-Man on Google

Google logo transformed into Pac-Man game

Wow! I was pretty impressed the first couple of times I went to Google today and noticed they changed their logo to a Pac-Man game. But it wasn’t until the second or third time using their search engine that I realized the logo is a PLAYABLE PAC-MAN GAME!! Pretty sweet, especially when you consider that the game is not Flash-based as one might expect. Instead, it appears to be using CSS sprites to achieve the animation and interactivity. What the…?!?!

Check it out at Click on Pac-Man or the Insert Coin button, then wait for it to start. Use the arrow keys to move Pac-Man around. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Update: Insert 2 coins, and play two player with Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man simultaneously. Mrs. Pac-Man is controlled using the good old WSAD keys. Head-to-Head, baby!

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