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Tiny Tooltips – Dynamic tooltips for your website

Use this lightweight javascript widget to easily add interactive tooltips to your website. Tiny Tooltips can be used as a glossary to define key terms, or simply to provide additional information that appears when the user moves his cursor over a hyperlink or keyword.

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These tooltips are super light (less than 7 KB for the javascript and CSS file combined), and totally customizable to your preferences. By modifying a couple of tiny CSS classes, you can adjust the tooltips’ colors, font-size, etc. Also, you can specify whether you want the tooltip to disappear automatically (default behavior) or to be fixed in place, in which case the tooltip will remain open until a different Tiny Tooltip is activated or the [close] link is clicked. The latter is useful if you want to provide a set of links or other actionable content (e.g., form fields or media) within the tooltip.

Best of all – the Tiny Tooltips script is absolutely free!

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