Use sIFR 3 for SEO Flash Text

sIFR3 – Not New but Still Cool

I just added a page to my demonstrating how easy it is to incorporate sIFR for swapping out text with flash to use custom fonts on your website. This is great for page headings, section titles, or other small bits of text that you’d like to emphasize with a custom font.

Check out the sIFR page!

It is remarkably easy to implement sIFR on your webpage – I did a quick sample page in 10 minutes. Although you don’t need to know flash programming for this, you will need Flash (I used Flash CS4) to create your SWF file that is an integral part of sIFR. You’ll just open up the provided .fla file, select the desired font, and export the .swf movie for your font.

I’m afraid I’m a bit of a late adopter on this technology – it’s been around for quite a while, but I’m just now using it. As for the other customization, it is really very simple – just create the flash file, and include the provided javascript files, with very little effort required.

See my simple sIFR demo

or, eliminate the middle man (me):

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